The Slavonic International Economic Forum (SIEF) held since 2009 addresses the most topical economic development issues of Bryansk region and the neighboring regions.

Even though the Forum takes place in Bryansk region and, to a large extent, serves the development of the home region, the Forum is an international event. Bryansk region is a border federal subject of Russia. The regional economy is closely tied to the economies of nearby countries, especially those of the Slavic states. This integration has a deep historical background, facilitated by convenient transport corridors, encouraged by geographic proximity, similar mentality and cultural identity, related languages and religions. That said, regions are different in the level of development, specifics, and political landscapes. Despite these differences, these states largely share the same problems and challenges. The mission of the Forum is to contribute to finding solutions to them.

Every year, the Forum welcomes delegations from Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, Serbia, China, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, other countries and regions. 650 delegates participated in the 5th SIEF, and more than 1,000 are expected to come this year.

In 2017, the Forum theme is “Integration of the Slavic Commonwealth markets on the threshold of a new technology paradigm”.

The markets of the states sharing the common Slavic roots, primarily the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, have traditionally been closely linked. The upcoming sixth technology paradigm bringing about, inter alia, transformations in conventional markets, is setting common objectives of unprecedented significance for states.

Benefiting from faster agreements on integrating their markets amidst transformation processes, the Slavic states may become a testing ground for fundamentally new trade and industrial relations.

Bryansk region is right in the heart of trade routes between the Slavic countries. The ongoing changes dramatically influence the region’s economy, giving it a chance of breakthrough development and opportunities to contribute notably to the new economic integration of the Slavic states.

Official welcome addresses

Dear participants of the 6th Slavic International Economic Forum,

The Russian economy has successfully adapted to the external environment of recent years and is currently on a firm growth trajectory. Today’s challenge is to ensure that the domestic economy expands faster than the global growth rate.

For Russia, including Bryansk region, this means an ambitious task of building a new economic system based on advanced developments, digital solutions and other future technologies.

We are to lay the foundation for highly effective industries, to strengthen the power of technology in agriculture, to create a comfortable environment for people living in cities and rural communities. Economic changes should produce a positive impact on people’s lives, provide them with decently paid jobs, create appropriate social infrastructure.

The mission of the Slavic International Economic Forum is to facilitate the achievement of these goals.

Bryansk region has always been an outpost on the way from Europe to Asia. Our region is a connecting link between Russian and Western partners, primarily countries sharing common Slavic roots. This year’s Slavic International Economic Forum is dedicated to the fusion of markets on the threshold of a new technology paradigm.

The Forum is expected to attract high-tech companies to the region, to motivate local businesses to create new industries. The purpose of discussions is to generate initiatives for the further development of innovative businesses in Bryansk region.

The participation of international delegations from Slavic countries in the Forum is expected to add momentum to foreign trade activities of Bryansk businesses. I am hopeful that the contacts established at the Forum will help them find new partners and new sales markets.

May I wish the participants and guests of the 6th Slavic International Economic Forum interesting meetings, constructive talks and rewarding work!

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am happy to greet the participants of the 6th Slavonic International Economic Forum which has proved to be an effective venue for discussing most topical economic development issues of the region and the countries sharing the common Slavic roots.

This year’s Forum is dedicated to the integration of markets on the threshold of a new technology paradigm. The centuries of coexistence have closely intertwined these countries’ economies. Border regions, particularly Bryansk region, play a special role in their further development. Today’s digitalization in the economy requires the development of new interaction mechanisms. I believe that the Forum can meet this challenge and help identify the main cooperation priorities amidst a global technology revolution.

I am pleased to see the Bryansk Chamber of Commerce and Industry actively involved in the Forum preparation. The Chamber works a lot with the business community helping find effective ways to develop the SME sector, contributes to improving the region’s investment appeal, which is certainly of crucial importance for the economic development of Bryansk region.

May I wish all the Forum participants effective work and fruitful discussions!

Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome the hosts and participants of the Slavonic International Economic Forum! This exciting event is held in the hospitable Bryansk region for the sixth time, becoming an effective discussion venue. The Forum addresses the most topical and relevant issues, highlights the common challenges which our peoples may face in the near future. I find it important that, while focused on economic issues, as indicated by its title, the Forum also has room for cultural matters. Being aware of the growing involvement of culture in the global economy, the Forum participants will consider, among other things, the activity of cultural institutions and search for points of mutual interest and relevance to ensure closer cooperation between the Slavic nations in the field of culture. May I sincerely wish you fruitful work and every success!

Dear Forum participants,

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome the participants and guests of such a meaningful highly representative event.

The Slavonic International Economic Forum has become a fine tradition in the relationships between the Slavic countries. The Forum agenda focuses on the most crucial issues for the Slavic community.

The theme of this year’s Forum, integration of markets at the threshold of a new technology paradigm, appeals to the contemporary world where a new management philosophy for the digital economy and the information society is in demand. There is a good reason for holding the Forum in Bryansk as border regions, in a way, generate economic cooperation between countries in global practice.

The Republic of Belarus borders on Bryansk region. We are deeply linked by traditions, common culture and spirituality. On top of that, Belarus and Bryansk region have been long-standing and reliable business partners successfully developing cooperation in trade, economy, research and technology. The Forum held for the sixth time in Bryansk has become a significant meeting venue for Belarus providing ample opportunities for contacts with both Russian partners and colleagues from other countries.

I am positive that the Forum will give birth to new contacts and agreements further expanding and deepening all-round cooperation between the Slavic countries.

In conclusion, may I wish the Forum participants successful implementation of all plans and ideas, interesting meetings, productive discussions and successful negotiations.

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to welcome the guests, delegates and hosts of the 6th Slavic International Economic Forum both personally and on behalf of the Agency of Technological Development!

One of the Agency’s objectives is to assist Russian companies in developing competitive technology solutions. We therefore believe that the issues of cooperation between countries and regions amidst a digital economy to be considered at the Forum plenary discussion will be relevant for the modernization of Russia’s whole industrial sector. Among other things, the Forum will focus on problems in agriculture and transformation of the food market. Only a fruitful discussion bringing together representatives of the professional community can trigger the necessary reforms.

I am positive that the 6th Slavic International Economic Forum will enable us to showcase our achievements and to determine further development trajectories for markets of the Slavic Commonwealth states at the turn of a new technology paradigm. I am also hopeful that the Forum will come to be an effective venue for unleashing the potential of international cooperation.

Dear Mr. Bogomaz,

I am genuinely happy to welcome the guests, delegates and hosts of the 6th Slavonic International Economic Forum!

Gomel and Bryansk regions are actively developing interregional cooperation pursuant to the ten agreements on twinning and partnership links. This cooperation is based on the external policy priorities of the two countries, with due consideration of the mutually beneficial interests.

One of the powerful examples is Bryanskselmash, a joint venture for the production of agricultural machines.

The two regions also maintain active cooperation in the social sphere. Of special importance in the integration process is to ensure equal rights of Belarusian and Russian citizens to medical care. The youth from both countries take part in festivals of design and research works, in patriotic gatherings and subject matter competitions. The regions also regularly exchange creative teams and museum exhibitions.

I am convinced that our cooperation will continue to develop steadily for the benefit of the people living in Bryansk and Gomel regions. The essence of our relationship is our truly unbreakable fraternal links based on the historical commonness, friendship and spiritual kindred between the two fraternal peoples – the feelings that give us strong confidence of a stable future.

We share the same goal of making our society prosperous and living in a happy tomorrow.

May I wish all the participants and guests of the 6th Slavonic Economic Forum highly productive work in an atmosphere of business cooperation, new promising projects and their successful implementation!

Today, humanity is on the threshold of entering a new stage of development where cutting-edge technologies will no longer be only ‘supportive’ or ‘facilitating’ but will completely re-format the economy and the intra-society relations. The future will bring groundbreaking opportunities for human interaction in everyday life and at work. Many familiar things will rapidly go into the past, what is now considered as normal will become obsolete. New forms for remote interaction between people and objects will emerge transforming conventional relationships and providing fundamentally new opportunities. All these processes are generally recognized as the transition to a “digital economy.”

It should be emphasized that the digital economy is not just another political project. The transition to it is not someone’s arbitrary decision or whim but a matter of objective reality, a global trend that cannot be reversed and will affect everyone.

The new technologies will ensure much more effective allocation of resources and benefits bringing integration of efforts contributed by developers, employees, workers, manufacturers and buyers separated from each other to an entirely new level.

Sending a welcome address to the 6th Slavonic International Economic Forum in Bryansk, we would like to emphasize two special features. The first is availability of opportunities for active collaboration, cooperation and involvement of any remote economic entities in the general economic landscape regardless of physical location. This goes for everyone from individuals to mega-corporations.

The second is that the rapid pace of changes enables those who start preparing for them earlier to successfully integrate into the new economy with a firm edge over the others.

Wishing you all exciting and productive work, mutually beneficial cooperation and every success!


Photo – 2016